About perspectives 2018
Where is the human?

Experts discuss digitalisation and growth factors for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries

Is the digital (r)evolution a blessing or a curse for the economic and social challenges of the 21st century? Digitization clearly brings tremendous advantages, but its impact on people remains the greatest unknown. “What about the human impact?”– This almost philosophical question was the focus of perspectives 2018, Infraserv Höchst’s networking event for the German chemical and pharmaceutical industry, held at ACHEMA in Frankfurt on June 13, 2018.

Learn how philosopher Richard David Precht, entrepreneur Michael Heraeus and trade unionist Francesco Grioli (IG BCE) see people in digital change. Also, Oliver Coenenberg (Sanofi), Sjef Arets (DSM) and Henrik Hahn (Evonik) provide fascinating glimpses into the change processes at their own organizations.

SAVE THE DATE: The next perspectives will be held in Frankfurt on June 5, 2019.