Fly higher: training program as a mid-level industrial firefighter (APVO-WFw Hessen program)

Apply to be a high flyer at one of Germany's largest industrial fire brigades for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

We need the following documents from you:

  • Cover letter and résumé
  • Certificate for highest diploma/degree obtained
  • Technical or vocational training diploma (1. Guild/Chamber of Industry and Commerce/Chamber of Crafts and Trades, 2. Employer during vocational education and 3. Vocational school)”
  • References for your career history (employer references, internships, participation in government-funded voluntary work programs, etc.)
  • Interim reference letter for your current position, if available
  • German Sports Badge, if available
  • Lifeguard certification, if available

What to expect in the first 18 months of your training program:

  • C/CE commercial driver’s license (if not already obtained)
  • Basic training program starting April 1, 2022 (approx. 6 months) on day shift
  • Extensive preparation for a demanding shift-work position in a fire company
  • German Sports Badge (silver)
  • German lifeguard certification (bronze)
  • Graduation approx. November 2023

Your contact

Jürgen Seitz

Jürgen Seitz

Infraserv Höchst Site Management

+49 69 305-33486