What do you personally value the most about your relationships with coworkers?

Team spirit, sharing experiences with seasoned coworkers and the pursuit of a common goal.

Colleagues / Working atmosphere

What makes your job especially attractive to you?

All the areas I work in and the ability to learn about new fields.

Tasks / Coaching

What has been your main professional goal so far and how have you achieved it?

The successful commissioning of a major project as a sub-project manager.

Training / Career

What Infraserv benefits don't you want to live without?

Access to continuing education programs/training courses. Retirement benefits are a huge plus these days, too.

Salary / Social benefits

What do you think are Infraserv's biggest strengths as an employer?

Company size allows innovative solutions to be developed.

Environment / Work-Life-Balance

Can you name a very special day for yourself at Infraserv?

The onboarding day at the kick-off seminar, particularly the site tour and the ability to talk to members of management.

Communication / Social awareness