What do you personally value the most about your relationships with coworkers?

Working together to develop solutions tailored to our customers at the park.

Colleagues / Working atmosphere

What makes your job especially attractive to you?

You're always learning something new; no two projects are the same.

Tasks / Coaching

What was your most important career goal?

Being a capable, reliable contact for other employees despite having worked and gone to school for 7 years.

Training / Career

What Infraserv benefits don't you want to live without?

Freedom to set my own work schedule in order to properly balance work, family and school.

Salary / Social benefits

What are Infraserv's special strengths as an employer?

Forthright, transparent communications.

Environment / Work-Life-Balance

Why do you think Infraserv is necessary? For the region, the Rhine-Main area, the community, industry?

Because I think Infraserv is an attractive employer for the region.

Communication / Social Awareness