What do you personally value the most about your relationships with coworkers?

The mutual respect and support I receive in my day-to-day work.

Colleagues / Working atmosphere

What makes your job especially attractive to you?

The considerable latitude I have to make decisions and take action.

Tasks / Coaching

What has been your main professional goal so far and how have you achieved it?

Pursuing an advanced degree in electrical engineering through a 4-year executive degree program.

Further Education / Career

What Infraserv benefits don't you want to live without?

The pension fund is important so I can live comfortably in retirement.

Salary / Social benefits

What major personal goal have you reached with Infraserv’s help?

The ability to always have stimulating work.

Environment / Work-Life-Balance

Can you name a very special day for yourself at Infraserv?

Tremendous appreciation was shown to employees for their hard work on Infraserv’s anniversary.

Communication / Social awareness