What surprised you the most when you started out at Infraserv?

The hierarchies are flat, and the atmosphere is friendly and respectful.

Coworkers / Work atmosphere

What do you find particularly attractive about your job?

My supervisors have shown a lot of trust in me, by now, I graduated and I am leading a team of four employees.

Tasks / Coaching

When you were in college, what did you want from your future employer?

My job should be challenging, fulfilling and provide room for me to grow.

Further education / Career

What Infraserv benefits don't you want to live without?

The flexible work hours and the excellent food in the cafeteria.

Salary / Benefits

What major personal goal have you reached with Infraserv's help?

Applying what I learned in college and topping it off with a master's thesis.

Environment / Work-life-balance

Can you name a very special day for yourself at Infraserv?

The kind, warm reception on the first day. I immediately felt at home.

Communication / Social awareness