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Facility Management

We create space

You should expect more from your site. At least when we’re involved.

Put our knowledge of hard, soft and GMP-compliant facility management to work for you. We’ll keep your plants and equipment running at peak performance and maintain the functionality of your buildings and infrastructure. Our approach is pragmatic, effective and reliable. High complexity? Not a problem. We have everything under control. Our facility management team will keep your infrastructure consistently available at all times – including fire prevention, emergency response and environmental protection. You’ll have the assurance that everything is working properly. And that creates more space for you to succeed.

Design and construction services

Buildings endure. They are a statement and an investment in the future. And they reconcile different requirements for security, safety, functionality, efficiency, sustainability and design. Designing buildings and building conversions is a complex, challenging task involving countless steps and participants.

Not every company can afford to maintain a separate department for this kind of work. Our architects, laboratory designers and HVAC, plumbing and electrical engineers can perform every design service for buildings and building equipment based on HOAI Service Phases 1 to 9. We can also provide more advanced engineering services right up to end-to-end project management.

At our company, design and construction services are a team effort, performed by recognized specialists with deep expertise and a talent for innovation. They pull together so you can finish your project quickly and reliably.

Hard facility management. Because everything should run smoothly.

We have the requisite knowledge – and a solid track record.

Trust our experts to inspect and maintain your HVAC systems, elevators, electrical installations and building equipment. With capabilities honed from working in the highly demanding conditions of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, we can play a significant role in cutting your costs in compliance with all applicable laws, DIN standards and accident prevention regulations.

Soft facility management. Leave everything to us.

Your property is your business card.

However, your core business is not property upkeep or improvement or the coordination of security, cleaning and logistics staff. Let us handle it for you so you can focus on your production operations.

Building automation. More than the sum of its parts.

We can look after your complex equipment. With Infraserv Höchst’s experts, you’ll always know how much energy your building automation systems consume and how much maintenance they need.

We’ll provide insightful guidance during optimization planning so you can cut costs. All the electronic systems that automatically control lighting, shading, heating, cooling and other functions turn a modern-day building into highly sensitive organism. This organism’s performance has a major impact on the reliability of your production processes and the energy efficiency of your building. We can run your building automation systems, including monitoring, operation, management and, if necessary, the optimization of your building equipment. Our Building Management Cockpit (BMC) monitors everything centrally and generates comprehensive cost and availability reports.

We work hard so you have more room to maneuver.

Event IT. For perfect events.

We provide perfect support. Because a well-run event makes a good impression on everyone who attends it.

Infraserv Höchst’s Event Management team can find the right venue and provide the right equipment for any kind of event. Our trained, experienced employees will assist and advise you on planning your event and executing it successfully and cost-effectively. They can even professionally manage large events such as all-hands meetings, presentations, conventions, press conferences, in-house fairs and exhibitions. If we don’t have the perfect venue for your desired event, we’ll arrange for an alternative location. We can also plan, build and run LANs and telephone networks for events such as shareholders’ meetings and press conferences.

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