Making processes safe. That’s what we do.

It takes extensive expertise to plan, run and redesign production plants and other facilities in a way that protects your employees, the community and the environment. In most cases, you need to supplement your in-house know-how by bringing in outside engineers. Engineers like our experts. They have many years of experience and in-depth expertise as safety engineers, §29b BImSchG experts and hazardous incident officers. They know the latest technology trends and regulatory developments from serving on major committees in employers’ organizations and government institutions. We will be happy to help you with all issues relating to process safety, including:

  • Performing systematic hazard examinations (HAZOP, PAAG, PHA)
  • Creating explosion risk assessments and explosion protection documents
  • Creating safety reports or safety plans
  • Preparing expert opinions pursuant to §29a/b BImSchG
  • Establishing a safety management system and performing audits pursuant to the Hazardous Incidents Regulation (StörfallV)

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