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How to get to the commercial vehicle center

How to get to the commercial vehicle center

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Keeping commercial vehicles running.

Commercial vehicles should be working, not standing idle. That takes regular inspections, maintenance and repairs, though. Not to worry. We’ll help you set up everything. We have experience managing commercial vehicles. Our Commercial Vehicle Center at Industriepark Höchst provides the full range of services for commercial vehicles, rail vehicles, tank containers and shipping containers. Our forklift and truck repair shop has in-depth experience with all makes of special-purpose vehicles for the chemical industry. You can even bring your tank containers and tank wagons to the high-powered internal container cleaning station for fast cleaning, servicing and inspections between unloading and loading. That avoids wasted time and needless driving! We can clean virtually all product classes thanks to our on-site waste incineration and wastewater treatment plant. Our flexible hours and fast turnaround times with drive-though bays for road and rail vehicles help to maximize the availability of your commercial vehicle fleet.

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