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The Site Excellence Process

Site services lend themselves to an integrated partnership model, as Infraserv Höchst has proven time and again. To guide this relationship, we have developed the SITE EXCELLENCE PROCESS: it systematically identifies and leverages opportunities while ensuring feasibility, transparency and manageability at all times.

Free offer: The Site Vision evaluation program

Site Vision produces a proposal that you can submit to management decision-makers in only a few days. In the initial phase, we sit down with you to analyze where you want to end up, what we can do for you, and by when. All free of charge.

Did you attend the SITE EXCELLENCE FORUM on June 18, 2015 in the Congress Center during ACHEMA 2015 on the Frankfurt exhibition grounds? All the presentations are available here:

SITE EXCELLENCE FORUM: Best practices and case studies from the experts

Your site evolution:

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Site Excellence for the pharmaceutical industry:

Pharma brochure (PDF)

Ihre Standortevolution: Site Excellence Chemie:

Chemistry brochure (German) (PDF)


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The Site Excellence Process

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