Energy efficiency pays dividends

Do you want to save energy?

Are you thinking about installing new insulation or introducing a new energy management system, and need more detailed information?

The German Federal Agency for Energy Efficiency can tell you how to conserve energy and what services are available from utility companies, energy auditors and energy efficiency firms. Take this opportunity to learn more.

You can also learn new ways to save energy and maximize energy efficiency from the sources listed below. Analyze your consumption and talk to these experts about what you can improve. You can also request more information about the technical specifications of energy-powered equipment.

Information for industrial consumers:

Information for private consumers:

Efficient training and briefings

It is essential for employees to know as much as possible about energy efficiency. That is why we offer a tool to train your workforce on key issues. Our proven ZEUS training system, which we use ourselves, combines e-learning with classroom teaching. One of our ZEUS modules covers energy efficiency.

Versatile, low-cost, compliant: "Energy efficiency" ZEUS training module

To learn more about our ZEUS training system: