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There is an easy way to reduce your costs and risks and maximize your performance and flexibility: with our services. By outsourcing non-core processes to us, you can focus on your core business and sharpen your competitive edge. You will capitalize on our knowledge and extensive expertise as a leading site operator for the chemical, pharmaceutical and related process industries. Our holistic approach combines all process-relevant factors into an intelligently integrated end-to-end solution. We activate performance reserves and mobilize latent potential to deliver consistent, measurable results.

Superior utilities for successful businesses.

We will supply the utilities you need to run a successful business. You can capitalize on this advantage by offering your customers competitive prices – now and in the future.

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We ensure safety, efficiency, sustainability and a clean environment

We support you with services ranging from consulting and collection to fully compliant disposal in order to ensure safety, efficiency, sustainability and a clean environment.

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Developing your site

As a site manager, we know from experience that sites do not develop on their own. Through our analyses, we can identify your site's potential early on so you can develop your site to support your business.

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Cutting-edge logistics service

Logistics is not your core business – we will turn it into a long-term success factor. As a full-service provider, we will devise the perfect solution for every link in your supply chain.

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Boost your employees' performance

Continuing improvement in health and safety is important for business – not only is it required by law, but it also an essential ingredient for your company's continued productivity.

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Taking responsibility for human health and the environment

Responsibility for human health and the environment plays a special role at a chemical and pharmaceutical site. Our customers have countless obligations relating to permit management, water protection and immission control.

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Support from planning through operation to maintenance

Infraserv Höchst has been a competent partner for industrial companies in Germany for more than 15 years for facility management. Through our daily work with leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the industrial park we are used to meet even the most complex requirements safely, reliably and on time.

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Technical maintenance-related services

Infraserv Höchst Prozesstechnik provides technical maintenance-related services and combines consulting services for sustainably raising the availability of complex process equipment with all the technical services needed to put our recommendations into action.

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Best training practices

Education is the key to solving the skilled labor shortage: with everything from vocational training, continuing education and workshops to coaching, e-learning, correspondence courses and cooperative higher education.

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