Infraserv Höchst. And everything’s running.

Success starts with your site. It has to be right for you, regardless of its location, and provide everything you need: reliable utilities, proper and professional waste disposal and the consistently efficient, carefully coordinated management of infrastructure, logistics, processes and facilities. That’s our core competency: perfectly organizing entire sites or single processes. And we do it intelligently and transparently with minimal liability for you. Because we believe that everything should run smoothly. And that you should be free to devote all your energy to your core business.

Utilities. Always enough power.

We’ll ensure that your site always has enough power. We know the utilities market inside and out: from reserve markets to EEG surcharges to regulations. Our expertise will keep you reliably supplied with utilities at reasonable rates.

Our utility services

Waste management. Keeping it clean.

Safe, sustainable waste disposal. That’s the promise of our waste management solutions. We provide customized full-service waste management solutions along your process chains.

Our waste management services

Site services. The foundation for everything.

With our site services, you’ll have everything you need to research and produce products safely and smoothly in a perfect infrastructure.

Our site services

Logistics. Fast track to success.

We are a full-service provider of well-engineered logistics solutions for every link in your supply chain. Our versatile transportation solutions will keep you supplied with whatever goods you need, whenever you need them.

Our logistics services

Health and safety. Protection guaranteed.

Infraserv Höchst’s health and safety solutions safeguard your company’s most valuable asset: your people. However, a business-as-usual approach won’t effectively protect your workers or maintain your organization’s productivity.

Our health and safety services

Environmental protection. Keep it simple.

The environmental laws governing the chemical and pharmaceutical industry are constantly changing. Compliance demands tireless diligence and deep legal expertise.

Our environmental protection services

Facility management. We create space.

You should expect more from your site. At least when we’re involved.

Put our knowledge of hard, soft and GMP-compliant facility management to work for you.

Our facility management services

Process engineering. Measurably more effective.

Infraserv Höchst Prozesstechnik sustainably raises the availability of complex process equipment. Our experts will always maximize the value of your assets to you.

We conduct focused interventions and maintain extensive service lines.

Our process engineering services

Training. Adapting to change.

Training today’s managers and professionals is an investment in tomorrow’s success.

Provadis, the Infraserv Höchst Group’s developer of managers and industry professionals, covers all relevant aspects of human resource management. Perfectly positioned with its own school and training center, Provadis is fully equipped for all the challenges presented by the job market.

Our training services

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