Industrial wastewater treatment

Our specialists will devise the right solution for any waste stream – from production wastewater and liquid sludge to leachate and other liquid waste. Why would you incinerate aqueous waste when you can treat it safely and inexpensively? We can dispose of your wastewater efficiently and responsibly in one of Germany’s largest industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Our two-stage biological process with integrated denitrification can cleanly and efficiently treat any production wastewater you generate. To verify the biodegradability of your wastewater, we will analyze a representative sample before accepting the first shipment. We will also ask you about the process that generates the wastewater or aqueous waste. This guarantees that your wastewater will be disposed of safely without risk to human health or the environment. We accept wastewater through the local sewer system as well as deliveries by vacuum truck or road tanker. Any resulting sewage sludge is treated at our sewage sludge incineration plant.


Wastewater treatment plant Industriepark Höchst

Wastewater treatment plant (WTP)

Technical data

  • Capacity: 150 t COD/d
  • Influent flow rate: 60,000 m³/d
  • BOD removal tank volume: 9,000 m³
  • Nitrification tank volume: 39,000 m³
  • Interim clarifier volume: 4,000 m³
  • Final clarifier volume: 14,000 m³

Types of wastewater

  • Production effluents from the chemical/pharmaceutical industry
  • Highly biodegradable aqueous waste such as mother liquors, rinsing fluids, cleaning water from food and cosmetics production
  • Liquid sludge/excess sludge from wastewater treatment plants

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