Ensure machine safety safely

CE conformity assurance and legal certainty

Underestimated risks in machinery and plants

Machine safety is often underestimated because the responsibility regarding design safety lies with the manufacturer and only the operation itself with the operator. However, if the operator makes significant changes, as in the case of interlinking with other, older machines or machines manufactured outside the EU, the complete responsibility is transferred to the operator.

Resulting accidents and safety problems are not only expensive, but also endanger the health of employees and can get your company into legal trouble.

CE conformity assurance for your machinery and equipment with Infraserv Höchst

The responsibility for machine safety is regulated in the Machinery Directive (2006/42 EC) and the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health. Manufacturers as well as operators should be familiar with these regulations - which, however, is not always confirmed in practice.

Here we support:

Infraserv Höchst can provide the expertise and support you need to ensure your machinery and equipment is CE-compliant.

  • Our experienced experts support you in checking and achieving CE conformity for machinery and equipment that has been significantly modified or does not comply with current standards.
  • We ensure that your machines meet the legal requirements and can be operated safely.

Our service portfolio for your machine safety

Our services cover the entire life cycle of machines and plants, from assembly, commissioning, retrofitting and maintenance to decommissioning and disposal. We offer preventive consulting, hazard identification and risk assessment, interface consideration, recommendation of measures and technical documentation. The result is an implementable guide to compliance with the European Directive (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC).

Risk assessment for the workplace by

  • Selection of machines suitable for occupational safety
  • Suitability assessment for the conditions prevailing at the workplace
  • Advice on safety and health protection through use in accordance with the intended purpose
  • Clarification of legal regulations and composition requirements

Determination of the occupational safety measures for

  • Minimization of remaining hazards during the entire service life
  • Ergonomic workplace and process design
  • Optimization of the working environment (climate, lighting, noise protection, accessibility)
  • Preparation of operating instructions and activity-related operating instructions
  • Selection of personal protective equipment

Determination of the machine inspection

  • Type, scope, deadlines
  • Qualification of the auditor
  • Form of the test certificate
With the support of Infraserv Höchst's experts, you can focus on your core business, avoid costs from accidents and benefit from expert advice from experienced practitioners. We provide the safety you need to meet legal requirements and operate your machinery safely and in compliance with the law.