The future is here: For high school students.

Finally! You are ready to make your own way in the world. Before picking a path, though, it helps to explore different work settings.

We believe that extensive information and first-hand experience are key ingredients in sound career decisions. We want to support you as you look for an internship. Infraserv Höchst employees work in over 100 different occupations. Come experience the diversity of working at Infraserv Höchst!

Ways to get your foot in the door:

If you want to experience the professional world while still in high school, Infraserv Höchst is the right place for you. We offer exciting internships at Infraserv Höchst through our subsidiary, Provadis. Click here to access Provadis’s information page on internships for high school students as well as the Provadis job portal .

Are you enrolled at a higher vocational school (Fachoberschule) and looking for an internship in one of Infraserv Höchst’s various fields of activity? If so, then apply on our jobs portal today! Click here to see job openings or submit your own spontaneous application.

Apply now

Apply for the specific positions that you find on our job portal or on the Provadis jobs portal . If you can’t find a suitable opening, simply submit a spontaneous application through the above job portals.

We look forward to receiving your complete application, consisting of:

  • Brief cover letter (stating the desired work period)
  • Résumé in table form
  • Certificates and references (most recent high school report card, high school diploma, vocational training diploma, references for completed internships, etc.)
  • Sample internship contract from your higher vocational school (if applicable)

Internship for students at higher vocational schools – a model for success

For many years we have been creating a smooth transition from school to job and a good introduction to the basics of IT with our offer for internships for students at higher vocational schools in the Service Center IT. We often succeed to inspire our interns so much that they also start a training with us after graduating from school and later work as employees at Infraserv Höchst.

Petra Doll, Head of Clients & Service Desk