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Successful companies invest in corporate health management because it is the basis for their further development. As a leading system provider of occupational-health services, Infraserv Höchst offers a 360° range of occupational-medicine services for employees' physical and mental health. Our interdisciplinary team of experts will be happy to help you make your corporate health management a success story.

Corporate health management at Infraserv Höchst – 3 pillars for your success

Our integrated approach, which also takes occupational health and safety into account, is based on our expertise in preventive occupational medicine, dedicated health promotion and comprehensive integration management. In this way, we ensure that your company not only complies with regulatory requirements, but also actively promotes the health of your employees and thus increases your attractiveness as an employer. Discover how we can strengthen the health of your workforce with specialist expertise and telemedical innovations.

Occupational medicine

Infraserv Höchst protects your company with preventive measures such as vaccinations, travel medicine and individual preventive programs. Our services not only fulfill all legal requirements, such as those of the DGUV, but also lay the foundation for your employees' long-term health and performance.

Workplace health promotion

Maintain and strengthen the health of your employees. From health check-ups and nutritional advice to fitness programs – we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to the needs of your workforce. Psychological advice is just as much an integral part of this as ergonomics and preventative measures.

Workplace integration management (WIM)

Sustainable health promotion means successfully reintegrating employees into the work process after long periods of illness. Our WIM guarantees professional and empathetic support that is geared towards both the needs of the employees and the requirements of your company.

Rise in sickness-related absences puts companies under pressure

The shortage of employees and skilled workers alone is currently presenting companies with major challenges. The additional record level of sick leave is leading to a dangerous negative spiral that is jeopardizing employee satisfaction, operational processes and thus growth.

For example, the DAK-Gesundheit health report shows a sharp rise in the number of sickness-related absences from work in recent years. This increase is attributed to increased stress, growing staff shortages and rising stress levels in the workplace. To meet this challenge, increased efforts, more preventive measures and a targeted strengthening of occupational health management (OHM) are required.

Highest level of absenteeism - more cases in 2023 than ever before in the 1st half of the year

Source: DAK absenteeism analysis for the Health Report 2023

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Win-win: Prevention that pays off for companies and employees alike

  • Preventive measures can not only reduce absenteeism.
  • They also demonstrate appreciation for the workforce, which increases employee motivation and the attractiveness of the employer, which increases loyalty and fidelity.
  • Companies and employees also benefit from an increase in quality and productivity thanks to a better working atmosphere and greater motivation.