Ensuring occupational safety - through our safety and health coordinators

"Safety First" in the workplace and on the construction site

Increasing requirements complicate occupational safety

Occupational safety is one of the most important responsibilities of a company. Not least in order to avoid cost-intensive, accident-related downtime, this primary objective is in line with legal regulations and forms the basis for the safety of employees, smooth operation and economic success of your company.

Constant new regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance lead to a continuous need for adaptation in the company. Furthermore, changing processes and personnel changes pose an additional challenge. Employees must be instructed, and new hazards must be identified and taken into account as far in advance as possible.

Our solutions for optimum occupational safety

To protect your company from risks while meeting legal requirements, we are at your side with a comprehensive range of services. Our goal is to relieve you of the burden of occupational health and safety obligations in order to fully develop your company's productivity.

Our DIN EN ISO 9001 certification guarantees the highest quality and professionalism in occupational safety. With an interdisciplinary team of experts who have many years of practical experience, we develop customized solutions for your company.

Benefit from our management portfolio in occupational safety

  • Hazard assessments to identify risks
  • Employee training to raise awareness of safety practices
  • Optimization of existing occupational safety management systems to increase efficiency
  • Documentation of accidents and incidents for analysis and prevention
  • Customized individual services tailored to your company's specific needs
  • And much more.

SiGEKo - Occupational safety and risk reduction for construction sites and projects

Construction site in Industriepark Höchst

Construction site in Industriepark Höchst

The risk of accidents increases enormously, especially on construction sites or in projects with a high need for coordination, such as the planning of a new building, the conversion of a production plant or during a plant shutdown for maintenance, cleaning or repair. In such situations, a large number of non-local employees from different trades often work together.

To protect your company from such risks while meeting legal requirements, our occupational safety experts offer comprehensive solutions. We accompany you from the very beginning and ensure the safety of everyone involved on site.

Our SiGeKo services

  • Construction site regulations, HSE plans
  • SiGe plans
  • Preparation of briefings
  • Safety and health coordinator according to BaustellV
  • Safety coordinator according to DGUV regulation 1
  • Support by safety supervisors
  • Preparation of releases
  • Hygiene assistant
  • Free knife according to DGUV principle 313-002
  • Coordinator for work with asbestos according to TRGS 519
  • Coordinator according to DGUV rule 101-004
  • Placement of a HSE manager
Safety at work is not a luxury, but an indispensable investment in the long-term success of your company. We stand by your side and support you in the implementation of all necessary measures.