Biogenic waste

We recycle all types of digestible waste – whether from food production or biochemical processes in industrial manufacturing. Our industrial biogas plant can safely, sustainably and efficiently recycle all types of digestible waste: from grease trap waste and biogenic wastewater to food waste, mother liquors and solvent mixtures.

Dropping off waste at our biogas plant helps combat climate change, too: The biogas is converted to steam, electricity and biomethane as part of our waste-to-energy strategy. The biogas plant perfectly complements the industrial wastewater treatment plant and sewage sludge incineration plant in our integrated waste management network at Industriepark Höchst. It allows us to recycle a wide variety of pumpable and sludgy waste safely and efficiently. Since we can only accept digestible waste, our experts have to test the waste for digestibility before accepting the first shipment. We maintain sanitization capacity so your waste can be sanitized if needed.


Biogas plant (co-digester) Industriepark Höchst

Biogas plant (co-digester)

Technical data

  • Digester volume: 2 x 10,800 m³
  • Input capacity: 215,000 t/a co-substrates
  • Sanitization capacity: 50,000 t/a
  • Biogas production: 60,000 Nm³/d
  • Total output: 13 MW (electrical output: 4.2 MW)

Waste types

  • Over 100 waste codes as defined in the German Waste List Regulation, including some hazardous wastes
  • They include homogenized food waste from food production and pharmaceutical industry waste
  • Food production refuse and chemical industry waste
  • Digestible waste from biochemical processes
  • Mother liquors or solvent mixtures
  • Municipal and industrial sewage sludge and oil and grease trap waste
  • Individual substances such as alcohols, glycerins and fatty acids

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