Refuse-derived fuel incineration

Heat and power from trash: Our RDF-fired waste-to-energy plant (WTE) at Industriepark Höchst incinerates your pre-treated municipal solid waste and harnesses the resulting energy to produce steam and electricity in a highly efficient process. So not only will we destroy your waste properly in full compliance with all legal obligations, but we will minimize your environmental impact, too.

Co-generation technology delivers nearly 90 percent efficiency. The heat output is used to generate process steam that is fed into Industriepark Höchst’s steam supply system.

To ensure reliable, high-availability disposal, we support it with a high-quality logistics infrastructure – direct highway access, ten delivery gates, an express gate, three incineration lines and a large fuel bunker.

RDF-fired waste-to-energy plant Industriepark Höchst

RDF-fired waste-to-energy plant

Technical Data


  • Incineration capacity: 700,000 Mg/a
  • Incineration temperature: approx. 850°C


  • Internally circulating fluidized bed
  • Number of combustion lines: 3

Heat recovery steam generator

  • Steam generation: 265 t/h
  • Electricity generation: 70 MW

Flue gas cleaning

  • Two stages per line
  • Spray absorber (lime slurry), baghouse (entrained-flow adsorption with lignite coke)

Waste types

  • Dry, pre-sorted and pre-treated medium calorific fractions of municipal solid waste
  • Municipal and industrial sewage sludge

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RDF-fired waste-to-energy plant (WTE plant/EVA)

Waste management

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