The right place for your talent: for traditional and cooperative college students.

Finally! You are ready to make your own way in the world. Before picking a path, though, it helps to explore different work settings.

We believe that extensive information and first-hand experience are key ingredients in sound career decisions. That’s why we want to support you in your endeavors – with an internship, an in-company thesis project, a position as a student worker or an internship for your cooperative degree program.

You are enrolled at a state-run or state-recognized college or university as a full-time student. There are many different ways to explore future careers at the Infraserv Höchst Group. Experience all the fields and disciplines that our operations cover.

Ways to get your foot in the door

You can gather practical work experience in your chosen field 4 days a week at Infraserv Höchst while pursuing an internationally recognized university degree (bachelor’s or master’s). Do you want to integrate theory and practice? If so, we look forward to hosting your internship as part of your cooperative degree program at our partner university! Apply with the Provadis School today.

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A successful education is rocket fuel for your career. Apply your classroom learning and acquire hands-on experience at a voluntary or required internship during the semester and/or during semester breaks as set out in the academic regulations for your major. Click here to see job openings or submit your own spontaneous application.

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Looking for an interesting, fast-moving student worker job? Then join our expert teams and apply what you’ve learned in our day-to-day operations. You can work in many different jobs in the wide-ranging areas of our business. Students work no more than 18-20 hours a week during the semester but can switch to full-time during semester breaks. Click here to see job openings or submit your own spontaneous application.

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Use your final thesis as a key to unlock your professional future. Draw on our employees’ expertise and complete your final thesis project at Infraserv. It makes no difference whether you’re pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree – we have the perfect environment for you, featuring personalized support, cutting-edge technology and forward-looking projects. Click here to see job openings or submit your own spontaneous application.

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Apply for the specific positions that you find on the Infraserv or Provadis jobs portals. If you can’t find a suitable opening, simply submit a spontaneous application through the above job portals. We look forward to receiving your complete application, consisting of:

  • Cover letter (stating the desired project period)
  • Résumé in table form
  • Certificates and references (most recent high school report card, high school diploma, vocational training diploma, any employer references, bachelor’s/master’s diploma, references for completed internships, etc.)
  • Your school’s academic regulations (for required internships)
  • Current college transcript
  • Current proof of enrollment

What our employees say

"My work at Infraserv Höchst helps protect the environment from hazards. This includes monitoring all work processes and preventing harmful environmental effects."

Tom H., Student in Environmental Protection

“The cooperative education program with the Provadis School is the perfect combination of theoretical content and practical insights into the Infraserv Höchst Group. It's the diversity, the challenges and the variety of things I do in facility management that fascinate me the most.”

Saskia R., Cooperative Education Student in Facility Management

Always looking for talent – we sponsor the Germany Scholarship

We support the Germany Scholarship at TU Darmstadt because, being one of Germany's largest and most cutting-edge industrial park operators, we want to invest in our country's future and inspire young engineers in particular to tackle the wide variety of technical challenges we face every day.

Robert Schleich, Head of Utilities Engineering, Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG

As diverse as today’s working world – areas of work at Industriepark Höchst