Premier site: Industriepark Höchst.

Infraserv Höchst operates Industriepark Höchst. For around 22,000 employees and over 90 companies – from niche manufacturers to mid-market service providers to multinational corporations – Industriepark Höchst is one of the world's leading research and production sites for chemical and pharmaceutical products. EUR 8.5 billion has been invested since 2000 in new production plants, state-of-the-art research facilities and efficient infrastructure.

A city worth living and playing in.

Frankfurt is the pulsating heart of the dynamic Rhine-Main Region. Here, you're immersed in markets and people from all over the world. This is a city like no other. Economic power and cosmopolitan style are closely intertwined with a vibrant cultural life, multicultural restaurants and unspoiled nature. Between the lively city and the spectacular countryside, local residents have plenty of ways to spend their free time. They can expand their cultural horizons at world-class museums, concert halls and theaters, dine at exotic restaurants and explore parks in Taunus, Hunsrück, Rheingau, Spessart, Rhön and Odenwald. Frankfurt is perfect for recreation. A 4,500 hectare forest park and nearly 50 city parks are the "green lungs" of this buzzing metropolis.

The regional sports scene is equally diverse: countless bike paths and lakes are perfect for exercising or simply whiling away the summer hours.

The lively cultural scene

There's nothing you can't find in the Rhine-Main Region: opera houses, museums, theaters and music clubs. Its diverse cultural scene and cosmopolitan flair give the city an international feel all its own.

Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden and Mainz each boast their own opera houses and international orchestras. There are countless music clubs for people who love nightlife. Concert-goers can hear international artists at local venues and admire the star-studded line-up at the world-famous Frankfurt Jazz Festival. Another highlight on the Rhine-Main Region's busy cultural calendar is the Rheingau Music Festival.

Sustainable advantages and benefits

Attractive, competitive salaries

Your hard work pays off – we pay our people attractive, competitive salaries. No matter what job you do. As you develop, so does your salary: our salaries are reviewed annually and increased if necessary.

Sustainable advantages and benefits

Talent development

Ongoing, systematic talent development is one of our key success factors. Employees meet regularly with their managers to plan out their personal development and identify steps to achieve it.

Sustainable advantages and benefits

Reconciling work and family

We have various types of flexible work schedules to help our employees reconcile the demands of work with their personal lives.

Sustainable advantages and benefits

Company pension

We put a high priority on retirement planning. Our people belong to our pension plan for as long as they work at Infraserv Höchst. You can choose from a variety of optional retirement plans as well.

Sustainable advantages and benefits

Flexible hours / remote work

Today’s work environment is characterized by technological change and various communication channels. They give us greater flexibility in how we work. At Infraserv, that includes working remotely.