Infraserv Höchst's digital certificates

Secure e-mails

Infraserv Höchst supports secure e-mail communications. Senders, for example, can digitally "sign" their e-mails with an e-mail certificate. The signature also confirms that the contents of the e-mail have not been changed since it was sent. This certifies the "genuineness" of the content and the sender's authenticity.

Digital certificates can also encrypt e-mails as long as the recipient also has a certificate. This ensures that only the recipient can decrypt and read the encrypted e-mail.

Senders and recipients exchange their public keys by sending each other signed e-mails.

To verify Infraserv Höchst's signatures, you need to import the following certificates into your e-mail client or central gateway. You can authenticate the certificate by checking the digital fingerprint displayed during installation.

Certificate 1: Root CA

Fingerprint: 15 b8 4f 6c f4 34 48 e9 80 24 99 d1 23 b1 69 d3 b3 75 96 d8

Certificate 2: Intermediate CA

Fingerprint: 87 ca 6a 6d 9d 4f a7 bc 4b 92 e1 e0 fd 8c e1 a1 89 f5 f0 53

Certificate 3: Intermediate CA

Fingerprint: 5a 89 11 47 2a 7b 62 5f 5a fb 89 77 f2 c7 94 70 37 e5 a1 6d

Infraserv Höchst employees can share certificates issued directly to them by sending a signed e-mail.

CA: Certificate Authority