Weibliche Ärztin in einem Arztkittel, die ihre Hand auf die Hand ihrer weiblichen Patientin legt

Successfully mastering workplace integration management (WIM)

Back to (professional) life

Difficult return after prolonged illness

Workplace integration management (WIM): The word sounds bureaucratic and not very people-friendly. But especially for employees who have to find their way back into everyday work after a long illness, reintegration is a challenge. Many are afraid of stigmatization and want to appear "normal" again as quickly as possible. But both the body and the soul need time to recover. The process requires empathy and personal support.

Legal obligation and practical implementation

Workplace integration management (WIM) was defined as a statutory duty of the employer in the Ninth Book of the Social Code in 2004. According to this, the employer has the obligation to carry out BEM if an employee is unable to work for more than six weeks continuously or repeatedly within a year. The purpose of this is to overcome the incapacity for work, prevent renewed incapacity for work and maintain the job. This law makes it clear that BEM can only be carried out with the consent and participation of the person concerned. There is no legal obligation for employees to participate in WIM. However, refusal to participate in WIM may have negative consequences for the employee in the event of a labor court dispute.

A new approach at Infraserv Höchst

At Infraserv Höchst, we're taking a new approach to workplace integration management: The best reintegration is one that isn't necessary in the first place. We focus on early, cautious support, not to get you back to work as quickly as possible, but to help you get back to a normal life, including your private and family life as well as your job.

For us, the focus is on the individual, with all his or her fears, worries, insecurities and limitations, but also with his or her goals and abilities.

Individual care and holistic support

  • We support employees personally, by telephone or by video link, in order to assist them in their individual situation.
  • Close cooperation between employee, works council, occupational health center and company builds trust
  • Our approach not only prevents future sick days, but also helps reduce costs for employers
  • We offer holistic and sustainable support, unlike other WIM providers who focus on a quick return to work

For us, 'WIM' stands for assistance, empathy, compassion

Company integration management is our offer to work with you to find ways to support your recovery and health in the long term - absolutely voluntary for you.

Your challenges:

  • Downtime due to long or repeated incapacity for work
  • Initial or permanent restriction of the ability to work
  • Stresses that hinder recovery

Your goals:

  • Fast and sustainable reintegration
  • Long-term health protection and preservation of work ability
  • Reduction of sick leave

Procedure of the BEM process

Reducing sick time is in both our interests. Whether employees are recovering from a long-term illness or curing a protracted injury, they not only deserve your support in their reintegration. In fact, you are required to do so under Section 167 of the Social Code IX. It is intended to help overcome and prevent incapacity for work. Ideally, employees should be able to return to their original jobs. If this turns out to be impossible or not expedient, we try to find a solution that suits your health situation. The spectrum of possible measures is wide. It ranges from applying for a cure to transferring to another department. Ergonomic changes at the workplace, such as providing a standing desk or a special computer mouse, are also an option. Personal assistance offers such as training, gradual reintegration or measures for occupational and medical rehabilitation round off the options.

Procedure of the BEM process