Process and facility cooling plays a major role in manufacturing. That’s not news to our experts. They’re intimately familiar with all disciplines of cooling and refrigeration engineering thanks to years of experience designing, building and maintaining all manner of cooling supply systems and cooling towers.

We also have cutting-edge expertise in cooling technologies, the achievement of specific temperatures and cooling media (e.g. ethanol and binary ice). We’ll provide the cooling that your equipment requires – from low-temperature refrigeration for condensing exhaust gases to conventional river water for once-through cooling. Stay cool with us.

Our resources at work: at Industriepark Höchst

Infraserv Höchst supplies park tenants with all the essentials for high-quality manufacturing – steam, hot water and natural gas as well as electricity from our power station. We can even provide oxygen, nitrogen and argon from our air separation plant. Count on us for compressed air at various pressures, ammonia refrigeration, cooling brine and multiple grades of cold water, all available with prices, contract terms and supply models that adapt to your usage profile. Our state-of-the-art distribution networks keep the energy and fluids flowing.

Utility services

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