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Accident prevention is no accident.

Entrepreneurial challenge

The productivity of a site determines the economic success of a company. To ensure the highest possible productivity, all the necessary aspects of occupational and process safety must be fulfilled and the knowledge of the employees must be up to date. In this context, the constantly changing regulatory requirements and legal standards pose an additional challenge for companies, which are almost impossible to keep track of on their own.

Prevention concepts and solutions for maximum safety

The effects of production-related incidents are immense - for people, the environment and the image of your company. As a rule, it is essential that the technical expertise you have within the company is supplemented by engineering know-how from outside.

  • Infraserv Höchst's experts have many years of operational experience and specialized knowledge as safety engineers and incident officers.
  • As members of renowned committees at professional associations, business associations and state institutions, they are always up to date with the latest technical and regulatory developments.
  • Our interdisciplinary experts at Infraserv Höchst will support you in these complex areas with tried-and-tested specialist knowledge - from security analysis to prevention, intelligent tools to intervention solutions.
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