Infraserv facilities improve coverage of Industriepark Höchst’s energy needs

Infraserv Höchst’s total corporate carbon footprint for 2021 is roughly 1,305,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalents. This represents a slight year-on-year increase of 3%, or 40,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalents.

The contribution of direct CO2 emissions only increased by just under 11%, or 93,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalents, due to the use of natural gas as the main fuel despite the significant year-on-year increase in demand for electricity (+26%) and heat (+46%).

Indirect emissions from Infraserv’s external purchases of secondary energy sources (electricity) show a significant year-on-year reduction (-57%) due to a significantly lower purchase of offsite power along with a high proportion of electricity generated from renewable sources. Indirect emissions from corporate activities (Scope 3) were down slightly, falling by only 20,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalents.