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We are living in a time of upheaval: Developments such as climate change and the increasing scarcity of raw materials require us to rethink most areas of life. New, climate-neutral and sustainable technologies based on renewable energy are needed if we are to sustainably secure the livelihoods of people around the world. Hydrogen can help make the transportation of the future emission-free.

Freight and private transportation cause around 20 percent of CO2 emissions in Germany. Fuel cell-based mobility solutions for road, rail, air and marine transportation can drive the reduction of CO2 emissions in the transportation sector.

Hydrogen-based drives offer decisive advantages over electromobility:

  • Refueling takes only a few minutes.
  • Hydrogen offers higher ranges.
  • Hydrogen can already be produced using renewable resources, significantly reduces the need for fossil fuels and releases no pollutants.

Because of their fast refueling and long range, vehicles with hydrogen-based fuel cells are particularly suitable for use in:

  • Transportation
  • Trucking
  • Local public transit
  • Waste collection

Proven technology that just needs to be used

Cost-effective, environmentally friendly hydrogen technologies for transportation and logistics have proven their value in the field. All that is really needed to allow widespread use is a comprehensive infrastructure of hydrogen filling stations with regional production.

Successful hydrogen projects with a supraregional impact

Infraserv Höchst has more than 100 years of experience with hydrogen technologies and is using them successfully at Industriepark Höchst , among other places:

  • Infraserv Höchst maintains a 20-km hydrogen network at Industriepark Höchst, with pressure levels ranging from 70 mbar to 1,000 bar.
  • It has been operating Hesse’s only public H2 filling station for 15 years, where cars, trucks and buses with fuel cells can refuel themselves.
  • A trailer station with 200 and 300 bar is available for refueling and will be upgraded to 500 bar.
  • Fuel-cell-powered buses run at Industriepark Höchst.

Infraserv Höchst: a consulting partner for hydrogen infrastructure expansions

The expertise of Infraserv Höchst’s H2 Competency Team is now being used across the country to lay the groundwork for nationwide fuel cell-based mobility:

  • Starting in 2022, RMV, the regional public transit operator, will put 27 fuel cell trains on the tracks on local public transit routes. Infraserv Höchst will be providing the necessary hydrogen supply and refilling infrastructure.
  • Infraserv Höchst has partnered with Linde, ITM Power and ABO Wind to develop a concept for hydrogen production and distribution and for a hydrogen infrastructure for filling stations as part of the city of Fulda’s “HyWheels” project.

What services can you expect from Infraserv Höchst in hydrogen consulting?

Infraserv Höchst offers comprehensive professional consulting, support and integrated solutions covering the entire value chain of hydrogen-based future technologies:

  • Studies, analyses and technology consulting with cost estimates for your project
  • Fueling, production, distribution and storage designs for hydrogen filling stations
  • Support with the planning and permitting process for hydrogen infrastructure
  • Preparation of funding applications

Our H2 experts look at your hydrogen project individually and analyze the following factors first:

  • Technological requirements
  • Legal requirements
  • Business prospects
  • Funding opportunities
  • Environmental factors
  • Structural prerequisites

We then prepare a feasibility and potential analysis for you, which in turn forms the basis for project and resource planning.

Depending on your requirements, we guide you throughout the entire planning and implementation process or support you in individual phases. Obviously, economic efficiency is a decisive factor in all our considerations.

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