Process safety

Maximum safety for employees, neighbors and the environment

Process safety in focus

Downtime and disruptive events in companies' production facilities are often due to accidents. These events have serious consequences that are not only costly, but can also significantly affect the reputation of the company.

The safety of your employees, neighbors and the environment must always be maintained as a top priority. But in the world of complex production facilities, extensive expertise is essential, especially when it comes to planning, operating or redesigning facilities. Often, in-house experts reach their limits.

Safety from A to Z

This is exactly where we come in: Our experts have many years of operational experience and specialize in safety engineering and incident management. They are active members of renowned committees at professional associations, business associations and government institutions and are thus always well informed about the latest developments both in technical terms and with regard to current regulatory requirements.

We are here to ensure that you can operate your production facilities safely and efficiently without compromising the safety of your employees, neighbors and the environment.

Our range of services in the field of process safety

Safety Guideline 4

Our range of services in the field of process safety covers a wide range of services. Our Safety Guideline 4 forms the core of our safety concept and deals with the safe handling of PLT safety equipment. Here we place particular emphasis on implementation in the safety management system, which is described in detail in the new Safety Guideline 4. This includes the description of relevant processes, competence management, the continuous improvement process and the auditing of the entire SIL management

Assessment of PLT facilities

Furthermore, we perform comprehensive assessments of the entire life cycle of your PCE facilities. This includes the extended risk assessment, the inclusion of SIL requirements from other assessments such as LOPA and other risk graphs, and the specification of requirements for planning and performing annual tests. Our testing concept is in line with current standards and clarifies the relationship between reliability, testing depth and test cycles. In addition, we have integrated topics such as the service life of equipment and IT security requirements into our services.

Process Safety Engineers

Our experienced Process Safety Engineers support you in securing your processes in various industries, including the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as metal processing plants. We ensure compliance with explosion protection standards, perform HAZOP analyses, manage safety management systems, and safeguard your facilities using process control technology. We provide expert services for licensing procedures, audits, and safety reports in accordance with applicable regulations. Our experts have broad professional qualifications and experience to meet your safety requirements and ensure process safety.

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