Our values

For a service company such as Infraserv Höchst, customers are not just partners; they are the focus of everything it does.

And its employees – the company's most valuable asset – receive the same treatment. Infraserv has made sustainability an integral part of its philosophy to assure the long-term development of our company, its employees and its customers. By ensuring its business practices are resource- and environmentally friendly, Infraserv is doing its part to pass on a livable world to future generations.

What matters to us

Our Code of Conduct

The Infraserv Höchst Group is committed to observing high standards of responsibility, fairness and integrity in their conduct. Everything we do is predicated on strict compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Our code of conduct is therefore applicable and binding upon all employees and managers of the Infraserv Höchst Group.

Our key corporate principles are described in our vision statement and guiding principles. Our environmental, health and safety policies are laid out in our guiding principles for environmental protection, health and safety. Infraserv Höchst pays particular attention to efficiently using energy and reducing related emissions. In 2019, Infraserv Höchst compiled its stated corporate values into a declaration of principles on respect for human rights as part of the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights (NAP).

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