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Prescribed by the doctor: Occupational Medicine

Healthy growth requires healthy employees

Health is becoming a competitive factor

Not least because of the massive increase in the number of days lost due to sickness, health is increasingly becoming a focus of attention - for employees and companies alike. Not only because demographic developments mean that society is dependent on longer working lives, but also because the shortage of skilled workers is a major incentive for companies to retain older employees. In addition, the criteria by which qualified employees choose their employer increasingly include health promotion offerings. This is a great opportunity to distinguish oneself as an employer and differentiate oneself from the competition.

It also requires care and commitment to maintain and promote the health of your workforce. Because only then will your company remain competitive, which is what makes healthy growth possible in the first place.

Competent 360-degree provider Infraserv Höchst

As a leading provider of occupational-health services, we help you maintain, promote and enhance your employees' physical and mental health and their individual performance and motivation.

To this end, Infraserv Höchst has been conducting health check-ups and risk assessments for its own 2,700 or so employees and for the staff of various customers for years, as well as taking measures in the area of occupational health management.

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