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The right place for your talent: Welcome to Infraserv Höchst

We’re a leading site developer and expert for chemical industry services and are looking for people interested in strong prospects. At Infraserv Höchst, you’ll find the right career for your talent. We offer challenges that will help you grow and the prospect of a successful professional future.

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Our benefits

Attractive, competitive salaries

Your hard work pays off – we pay our people attractive, competitive salaries. No matter what job you do.

Our benefits

Talent development

Ongoing, systematic talent development is one of our key success factors. Employees meet regularly with their managers to plan out their personal development and identify steps to achieve it.

Our benefits

Reconciling work and family

We have various types of flexible work schedules to help our employees reconcile the demands of work with their personal lives.

Our benefits

Company pension

We put a high priority on retirement planning. Our people belong to our pension plan for as long as they work at Infraserv Höchst. They can choose from a variety of optional retirement plans as well.

Our benefits

Flexible hours / remote work

Today’s work environment is characterized by technological change and various communication channels. They give us greater flexibility in how we work. At Infraserv, that includes working remotely.

Our work environment

With our roughly 3,000 employees and 230 vocational trainees, we, the Infraserv team, are synonymous with the infrastructure services that we provide for customers at various locations across Germany – including Frankfurt-Höchst, where industrial history has been written for 160 years.

It is home to more than 90 companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and their some 22,000 employees.

Our awards


Vocational training at Infraserv Höchst

Infraserv Höchst has been a recognized IHK training company for many different professions since 1997. Find out more !