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We practice sustainability

The chemical industry has a tremendous responsibility to society. Partly because it generates much of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. And partly because it has exactly the knowledge and innovative edge needed to lower the emissions. Its capabilities have to be harnessed in new ways every single day. As the operator of Industriepark Höchst, we have always viewed it as our mission to drive these efforts and supply our tenants with an infrastructure that supports these trends as well.

A lot of potential can be unlocked by streamlining industrial utility supply structures and reducing emissions with co-generation, green biogas energy and sustainable heat and power generation. We have taken a leading role in cutting-edge energy technology with our hydrogen infrastructure, public hydrogen filling station and filling station for fuel cell-powered trains.

We see ourselves as a company that contributes to new technical solutions together with our partners. And, as a chemical industry player, we firmly believe that everyone is needed to be part of the solution – and that Industriepark Höchst is the ideal platform for developing new technologies.

How we help protect the climate and environment – examples: