Industriepark Höchst site operation

Location: Frankfurt am Main

In 1997, Infraserv Höchst began operating Industriepark Höchst, one of Europe's largest and most successful chemical and pharmaceutical sites. Industriepark Höchst's tenants have consistently invested large sums in its development in the intervening years. The site is a prime example for how infrastructure can be intelligently separated from a manufacturer's core business and operated with a focus on adding value for the company by cutting costs and minimizing risks.

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Visitors and contractors

Facts and figures

460 ha

over 90 companies

approx. 22,000 employees

over 800 buildings

investment volume: EUR 8.0 billion (since 2000)

120 production plants

72 km of roads

57 km of railway tracks

800 km of pipelines

2 mn t of cargo handled per year

Investment in a dynamic site

Over 8.0 billion euros invested since 2000

The persistently high investment at Industriepark Höchst is a testimony to the park’s dynamism and positive trajectory. That creates jobs and strengthens the regional economy.

  • Since 2000, tenants have invested over EUR 8.0 billion in total in Industriepark Höchst
  • Note: Hoechst AG never spent more than 256 million euros in its Höchst location, even during peak years.

History of construction

Few things illustrate Industriepark Höchst’s dynamic trajectory better than a history of its construction projects. Tenants have invested EUR 8.0 billion in the site since 2000, steadily enhancing its capabilities..