Weibliche Ärztin in einem Arztkittel, die ihre Hand auf die Hand ihrer weiblichen Patientin legt

Mental health support as an active component in the prevention and management of the diseases

Together to more mental strength

Mental stress: A growing challenge for companies and employees

The modern working world is facing an increasingly serious challenge: mental illnesses have seen a worrying rise in recent years and now represent the third most common cause of absenteeism from work - with a strong upward trend. The effects of this development fall not only on the employees affected, but also on the entire company. Because the mostly long absences due to illness have to be absorbed by the healthy employees, their psychological stress increases. This is a negative spiral that is difficult to stop.

Mental illnesses 2012 - 2022: 48 percent increase in days absent from work

Absence days per 100 insured persons, source: DAK-Gesundheit data 2012 - 2022

We are the experts for mental stress in the workplace

Our team of experienced occupational health and safety experts not only provides the necessary expertise, but also raises awareness of the issue of mental stress among your employees and managers. We show how to recognize psychological changes in colleagues and employees, how best to respond to them and what professional support is available.

Our range of services in Psychological Counseling includes:

  • Risk assessment for mental stress: We conduct analyses to determine the stress factors in your company. To do this, we also involve employees and derive measures to improve the work situation.
  • Health promotion: We offer fitness courses, nutritional counseling, health check-ups and more to promote the physical and mental health of your employees.
  • Resilience coaching: We help employees and managers strengthen their mental and physical defenses.
  • Psychological counseling: We are happy to support you in a face-to-face meeting, via telemedicine or through e-health offerings.

Our workshop and training offer:

From awareness raising to prevention and coaching, we offer a wide range of valuable workshops and trainings for different hierarchy levels.

The mental health of your employees should be at the center of your corporate strategy. Infraserv Höchst offers support and resources to ensure your employees stay healthy, motivated and productive. Burnout doesn't have to be. Let's work together to build a healthy, high-performing workforce.