Visitors and contractors

Industriepark Höchst

This section explains how to sign in and stay safe while visiting Industriepark Höchst


Visitors may only enter Industriepark Höchst for business purposes or on organized tours and open house days .

Visitors can only be preregistered by a host who works at one of the companies at Industriepark Höchst. Visitors who have not been preregistered can only enter Industriepark Höchst with the host's permission.

Partner companies

Individuals or companies who come to Industriepark Höchst to provide billable services, skilled manual work, consulting, training, etc., but are not registered employees of a company located at Industriepark Höchst, are called “partner companies” or “partner company employees”.

Examples: Suppliers, truck drivers, ADAC employees providing roadside assistance, instructors for continuing education seminars, attorneys-at-law, management consultants, or employees of companies located at Industriepark Höchst who have not been officially registered with the site operator.

Partner company employees need a partner company ID to enter Industriepark Höchst. You will receive this ID when you register as a partner company. The partner company registration desk is located at the South Gate (Tor Süd) in Building K 605. Parking is available for as long at it takes to register.

You will need the following documents and information to register:

  • Personal data
  • Valid identity document (government-issued ID card or passport)
  • Your company’s full address
  • Name of the company that you will be working for at Industriepark Höchst
  • Point of contact at Industriepark Höchst
  • Valid residence permit or work permit in conjunction with a valid passport (where applicable)
  • Driver’s license and vehicle registration papers for driving into Industriepark Höchst (where applicable)

Note: You are not permitted to enter Industriepark Höchst with a personal vehicle. If you use your own vehicle for business, Partner Company Management will require your company to state in writing that you use your personal vehicle for business.

Safety briefing: Watch our safety film before your first visit and then take a brief quiz on its content.

Partner company registration form

You will need a list of tools and materials any time you bring any tools or materials with you. This list has to be signed by Corporate Security at the South Gate (Tor Süd) when you enter the site. Please fill out the tool list in advance

List of tools and materials

Safety information

Certain rules must be followed at Industriepark Höchst to protect the environment, local communities and the people working at the park. We therefore ask that you obey the following safety rules and instructions: