The future is here: For young professionals.

Are you ready to enter the workplace after graduating from college or a vocational training program?

We provide a home for strong-willed optimists, transformation accelerators, progress makers and everyone working today on a better tomorrow. With us, you’ll have the opportunity to get your career off to a strong start in an exciting environment. Your prospects will be more than rosy thanks to our talent development programs. From the start, we’ll give you a wide range of responsibilities and growth opportunities in order to specifically develop and harness your unique talents. From site operation, utilities, waste management, site services and health, safety and environment to facility management, logistics, process engineering and training – become a part of the Infraserv Höchst Group!

Let’s shape the future together!

Sustainable advantages and benefits

Attractive, competitive salaries

Your hard work pays off – we pay our people attractive, competitive salaries. No matter what job you do. As you develop, so does your salary: our salaries are reviewed annually and increased if necessary.

Sustainable advantages and benefits

Talent development

Ongoing, systematic talent development is one of our key success factors. Employees meet regularly with their managers to plan out their personal development and identify steps to achieve it.

Sustainable advantages and benefits

Reconciling work and family

We have various types of flexible work schedules to help our employees reconcile the demands of work with their personal lives.

Sustainable advantages and benefits

Company pension

We put a high priority on retirement planning. Our people belong to our pension plan for as long as they work at Infraserv Höchst. You can choose from a variety of optional retirement plans as well.

Sustainable advantages and benefits

Flexible hours / remote work

Today’s work environment is characterized by technological change and various communication channels. They give us greater flexibility in how we work. At Infraserv, that includes working remotely.

What our employees say

My professional trajectory from development aid to instructor reflects my passion for diversity and education. I have so much fun working with our trainees and enjoy being a person they trust and can turn to.

Nashwa, Instructor in IT

The Infraserv Höchst Group provides services that I would not want to do without. I particularly appreciate the teamwork you experience here – it’s based on diversity, respect and equal treatment. Everyone is welcome here, no matter where they come from. I am currently contributing my experience as a pipeline inspector for fluid supply systems. However, every day I encounter a wide range of technical issues that inspire and motivate me.

Anthony, Pipeline Inspector

What I find fascinating about being a portfolio manager is that I always have to approach problems creatively and search for sustainable solutions. Our exciting and wide-ranging projects in the industrial environment make our work inspiring – it’s the perfect place for progress makers.

Dewi, Portfolio Manager in Utilities Management