The right place for your talent: For young professionals.

Are you ready to join the working world after graduating from college or a vocational training program?

At Infraserv, you’ll get an opportunity to kick off your career in an exciting environment. Your prospects will be more than rosy thanks to our talent development programs. From the start, we’ll give you a wide range of responsibilities and growth opportunities in order to specifically develop and harness your unique talents. From site operation, utilities, waste management, site services and health, safety and environment to facility management, logistics, process engineering and training – become a part of the Infraserv Höchst Group!

We cannot wait to be part of your future!

Our benefits

Attractive, competitive salaries

Your hard work pays off – we pay our people attractive, competitive salaries. No matter what job you do.

Our benefits

Talent development

Ongoing, systematic talent development is one of our key success factors. Employees meet regularly with their managers to plan out their personal development and identify steps to achieve it.

Our benefits

Reconciling work and family

We have various types of flexible work schedules to help our employees reconcile the demands of work with their personal lives.

Our benefits

Company pension

We put a high priority on retirement planning. Our people belong to our pension plan for as long as they work at Infraserv Höchst. They can choose from a variety of optional retirement plans as well.

Our benefits

Flexible hours / remote work

Today’s work environment is characterized by technological change and various communication channels. They give us greater flexibility in how we work. At Infraserv, that includes working remotely.

What our employees say

“As a physician, you always have the opportunity to have a positive impact on people's bodies and souls. This is particularly true in preventive medicine. I am very impressed by Infraserv Höchst’s commitment to health, safety and the environment as well as its proactive approach to issues of the future. It's all the little things that make Infraserv Höchst an exciting employer.”

Dr. Karl M., Occupational Physician

"What I love about my job is the sheer variety of things we do in the fire brigade as well as the variety you find in the industrial park itself. There is an incredible amount to learn; no two departments are alike. And that demands a lot of specialized knowledge.”

Kira H., Industrial Firefighter

“I successfully completed my training as a security specialist in 2021 and received a very warm, heartfelt welcome from my coworkers on my first day of work at Infraserv Höchst. What I like about my job as a security guard is how varied the work is. My duties vary depending on where I happen to be working that day. It never gets monotonous.”

Justin M., Security Guard