Stay on the safe side with ZEDAL, the electronic record-keeping system.

ZEDAL is the leading system for electronic record-keeping. It retains audit-proof copies of all your records relating to hazardous or non-hazardous waste.

  • Official record requests reach you through ZKS, the government's central coordinating body. ZEDAL properly compiles the requested records and sends the data to the correct government mailbox after your approval.
  • ZEDAL participants are protected by multiple layers of redundancy. If individual providers declare bankruptcy, the ZEDAL Trust will use its business continuation funds to keep ZEDAL running and thus meet its contractual obligations. Your data is completely safe. ZEDAL Signer is a certified signature module that lets you sign documents with a qualified electronic signature. A ZEDAL signature has as much legal weight as your handwritten signature, but it is faster and just as secure.
  • ZEDAL comes with master data management for address data, for generator, transporter and receiver data, and for EU, OECD and Basel waste lists. ZEDAL also provides the documents and mechanisms needed for international waste consignments based on the EC Waste Shipment Regulation and the Basel Convention for consignments to and from non-EU member states.
  • ZEDAL offers many other optional work-saving features: signature card management, ZKS address synchronization, disposal record monitoring, user and establishment management, cost tracking and much more.

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