Waste management support

Our services cover every step in the disposal process, adhering closely to closed-loop recycling principles. Our trained specialists will ensure compliance with legal requirements, classify your waste – including dangerous goods and hazardous substances – and administer the final disposal process along with all required waste manifests and disposal documentation. We are a waste trader and broker and a specialized waste management company that has been certified under the German Regulation on Specialized Waste Management Companies (EfbV).

Our broad portfolio of services includes:

  • Suggesting improvements to your current waste management situation
  • Educating your staff about legal or technical issues in waste management
  • Serving as your waste compliance officer
  • Communicating with government agencies and associations
  • Execution and assistance in preparing for facility surveys related to the Industrial Emissions Directive or other requirements
  • Auditing all waste management methods
  • Exclusive ZEDAL support for customers at Industriepark Höchst for keeping electronic waste management records (eANV)

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