Over a century of excellence in hydrogen infrastructure

Here at Industriepark Höchst, we have been designing, building, running and managing efficient, state-of-the-art hydrogen infrastructure for more than 100 years. Infraserv operates over 20 km of hydrogen pipelines at pressures ranging from 70 mbar to 1000 bar.

Our service portfolio

Infraserv supports the National Hydrogen Strategy

Hydrogen looms large in the fight against climate change: It is environmentally responsible, emits no CO₂ and can replace conventional fuel in a wide variety of applications. Hydrogen can power sustainable transportation, serve as an input in industrial processes or play a crucial role in sector coupling.

A hydrogen-powered bus at Industriepark Höchst

H₂ transportation

Infraserv has been operating a public H₂ filling station since 2006 where people can fill up their fuel cell-powered cars with hydrogen themselves.

Our trail-blazing solutions go beyond private transportation to include public transit systems as well. The buses serving our 460-hectare industrial park also run on hydrogen.

Train with fuel cell

A clean future with hydrogen

That’s just the beginning, though. In 2022, RMV, the public transit authority for the Rhine-Main region, will replace diesel-powered locomotives with 27 fuel-cell trains to enable climate-friendly commuting. Infraserv will supply the hydrogen for these trains and will build the requisite filling infrastructure at Industriepark Höchst.

Also see our factsheet (German only)

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