Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) guide what we do

Infraserv Höchst is committed to sustainability and supports the German government’s sustainability strategy, the European Green Deal and the goals of the Paris Agreement. We have long conducted business in a way that reconciles social, economic and environmental concerns and prioritize sustainability, the environment and resource conservation regardless of the current political and social debates.

That is why we support the United Nation’s global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are part of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda – a global plan to promote sustainable peace and prosperity and protect our planet. To learn about some of the ways in which we advance these goals, click the SDGs highlighted here.

SDGs at Industriepark Höchst

It takes everyone’s contributions to realize this ambitious vision and reach the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. That is why we work hand in hand with our partners at Industriepark Höchst. To see a joint description of our activities, visit Sustainability at Industriepark Höchst . This webpage contains details on projects and activities as well. Seven of the 17 SDGs are emphasized at Industriepark Höchst since these are the goals that the park’s tenants can advance the most through their business operations.

The main SDGs for Infraserv Höchst