New Waste Management Officer Regulation

The Second Regulation on the Development of Waste Compliance Monitoring (2nd AbfÜbFEV) was adopted on December 2, 2016. One core element is the Waste Management Officer Regulation, which took effect on June 1, 2017 and superseded the previous regulation from 1977.

More facilities are now required to appoint a waste management officer. In addition to traditional waste treatment and disposal facilities, landfills and hospitals, other waste management players are now required to appoint a waste management officer as well.

Your company is required to meet these requirements if you answer any of the following questions in the affirmative:

  • Do you operate a facility subject to permit requirements and do you regularly generate hazardous waste?
  • Do you operate a wastewater treatment plant (Size Category 5 according to Annex I of the Wastewater Regulation) in which waste is recycled or disposed of?
  • Are you a manufacturer or distributor of transportation or sales packaging or do you operate a take-back system?

Not to worry. We are happy to help you, from notifying the authorities to sampling and analysis to documentation. Our experts will handle everything for you – one partner for all your needs.

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