New Legionella regulation

Legionnaires’ disease should not be underestimated. It can be fatal. And it can spread outside the household, too: Cooling towers, for example, are a possible source of Legionella since the bacteria can enter the air we breathe through the mist they produce.

The Legionella regulation was published in the German Federal Law Gazette on July 19, 2017 and went into effect on August 19, 2017. The new Regulation on Evaporative Cooling Systems and Wet Scrubbers (42nd BlmSchV) – as it is officially known – will impose a wide range of notification, measurement, documentation and reporting obligations on system operators. Your company will have to comply with the regulation if you operate large cooling towers, evaporative cooling systems (e.g. for cooling buildings) or wet scrubbers (e.g. scrubbers in a flue gas/exhaust air purification system).

Not to worry. We are happy to help you, from notifying the authorities to sampling and analysis to documentation. Our experts will handle everything for you – one partner for all your needs.

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