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Learn a trade, get your feet wet and receive the best possible preparation for your career – We provide high-quality vocational education and are one of the largest training organizations in Frankfurt am Main.

Vocational training at Infraserv Höchst

Infraserv Höchst has been a recognized IHK training company for many different professions since 1997.

We are keeping the talent pipeline full for businesses in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main region through our training activities in 2020/2021.

At Infraserv Höchst, you are trained in three separate settings. First, the standard vocational education model splits your time between trade school and hands-on training at your training organization. In addition to these two learning environments, our subsidiary, Provadis, has a third one: It teaches special classes that cleverly combine theory and practice at specially designed student workshops.

You can start learning the following trades at our company:

  • Electrical and metal workers
  • Manufacturing and laboratory technology
  • Commercial and IT (including real estate clerks and medical assistants)
  • Industrial fire brigade
  • Safety and security

You can start learning the following trades at our subsidiary, Infraserv Logistics GmbH:

  • Warehouse logistics
  • Commercial truck driver
  • Railroad operations
  • Business clerk for freight forwarding and logistics services

More information

We start the trainee selection process in cooperation with our subsidiary, Provadis, one year before the training program begins on September 1 of every year. In other words, you should submit your application as soon as possible if you want to improve your chances of securing a training place in your preferred program.

Visit the Provadis application portal and information page for each vocational education program to learn how long each training program is, what it covers, what past students say about it and what development opportunities you can pursue after graduating.

Apply for the specific positions that you find on the Provadis jobs portal. We look forward to receiving your complete application, consisting of:

  • Cover letter (stating the training program you are interested in)
  • Résumé in table form
  • Certificates and references (most recent high school report card, high school diploma, evidence of past internships, etc.)

What our employees say

N. Kail

What surprised you the most when you started out at Infraserv?

That it still feels like a big family despite the company’s size.

What fascinates you the most about your job at Infraserv?

I’ve been fascinated by the firefighting profession my entire life. In this profession, I also have a lot of responsibility for keeping the businesses in the park safe.

When you were in school, what did you want from your future employer?

Mutual respect and common decency toward one another.

Why do you think Infraserv is necessary? For the region, the Rhine-Main area, the community, industry?

Everything that is produced and manufactured at the industrial park is important for humanity. It is important to protect these processes.

Can you name a very special day for yourself at Infraserv?

My first days at the fire station. Being introduced to the three shift teams and the good atmosphere.

How does your work at Infraserv help to make the world a better place?

I protect people, property and the environment in order to make the world a little bit better.