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Below, we've provided answers to frequently asked questions, grouped by topic. If you need more details, feel free to contact the people listed in the job advertisements or our job board team.

Application process in general

1. I'd like to apply with Infraserv, but I can't find an advertised position for my skills and qualifications. Can I apply with you anyway?

Yes, you can send us an unsolicited job application online at any time. Please remember to include all your application documents and state your desired position, occupation, department and qualifications/degree as precisely as possible.

2. I'm interested in several of the jobs you're advertising. Do I have to apply for each job separately?

Yes. Each job advertisement has a dedicated identification number that is automatically assigned to the application.

3. What is the selection process like?

Your application will be reviewed by the HR manager and the department to make sure you meet the requirements for the vacant position. This process can take some time to complete. We therefore ask you to be patient.

4. How long will my personal data be stored, and what will happen with it?

Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG and its subsidiaries process and store the personal data that you provide in your online application solely for the application process. Your data will be treated confidentially. Your application documents will be stored for no more than twelve months after receipt, or no more than 36 months with your consent. We will not share this data with third parties.

5. Can I withdraw my application?

Yes, you can withdraw an application at any time in the applicant portal.

6. Can I interrupt the data entry process and resume it on another day?

No, that's not possible because we don't temporarily store the data. You have to submit the entire data package to us at once.

7. Can I retroactively change my data?

No, you cannot retroactively change your data. You will have to withdraw your application and then re-apply with different data.


1. For advertised positions

If you have questions about advertised positions, please contact the individuals named in the advertisement.

2. For the application process or unsolicited applications

Galina Lutz, phone: +49 69 305-16879


3. For college student employment – student workers, interns, students working on a Diplom thesis, master's thesis or bachelor's thesis

Galina Lutz, phone: +49 69 305-16879


4. For vocational high school interns

Galina Lutz, phone: +49 69 305-16879


5. For vocational training programs

If you have questions about vocational training programs and apprenticeships, please use the contact details listed at www.provadis.de