Hazardous waste

We run chemical and industrial parks and know exactly how to properly and professionally destroy waste in a way that minimizes your liability. Our experts are used to safely handling hazardous waste – from gases and difficult dusty waste to liquid production residues or biogenic waste with tramp materials.

Bring us all your difficult waste, whether solid, pasty, liquid, dusty or gaseous or toxic, highly toxic, heated or low-flammability. We’ll dispose of it at our residue incineration plant in a clean process that ensures total regulatory compliance and full liability protection.


Residue incineration plant Industriepark Höchst

Residue incineration plant (RIP)

Technical data

  • Number of combustion lines: 2
  • Incineration capacity: 60,000 t/a
  • Incineration temperature: 850 °C – 1,200 °C
  • Maximum heat output: 40 MW
  • Maximum steam output: 48 t/h
  • Rotary kiln (length x diameter): 10 m x 3.6 m
  • Number of fields in electrostatic precipitator: 3
  • Scrubbing water circuit for flue gas scrubber: 500 m³/h per stage

Waste types

  • More than 300 waste codes from the German Waste Catalog Regulation totaling over 1,800 individual waste types
  • Solid, liquid and gaseous waste in accordance with the waste acceptance list and acceptance conditions
  • Highly viscous waste is heated during unloading
  • Toxic and very toxic waste
  • Highly noxious waste such as halogenated hydrocarbons
  • Easily flammable, highly flammable and spontaneously combustible wastes
  • Scheduled waste under the Chemical Weapons Convention

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