Sewage sludge incineration for the city of Wiesbaden

Location: Industriepark Höchst

The city of Wiesbaden was looking for a professional partner to dispose of sewage sludge produced at its facilities. Industriepark Höchst's highly advanced infrastructure includes a powerful sewage sludge mono-incineration plant – one of the most advanced units of its kind in Germany, featuring high performance flue gas treatment and energy recovery systems. The city awarded the contract to Infraserv Höchst based on the price and eco-friendliness of its safe, reliable disposal solution.

Our services:

  • Reliable waste disposal at a fail-safe, redundant incineration plant
  • Providing an emergency storage buffer
  • Mutual aid agreements with other incineration plants
  • Utilizing process heat for environmentally friendly disposal
  • Transportation in state-of-the-art trucks
  • Finding backhauling opportunities from Industriepark Höchst

Plant capacity: 2 x 112,000 t per year, volume: 32,000 t sewage sludge per year, technology: fluidized bed

Customer service

+49 69 305-6767
Monday - Friday
8 am - 4:30 pm