Our desire for sustainability

Success factors for sustainability

Energy efficiency as a success factor.

Energy efficiency is one of the biggest levers with regard to conservation of resources and climate protection. Innovations in industrial energy supply are required to achieve this. These innovations should help enable existing energy carriers to be used even more efficiently, as well as developing new forms of energy production. We are optimizing our carbon footprint with a range of climate protection measures and are thus paving the way for a future worth living.

Success factor # 1: Energy conservation.

We believe energy conservation begins with energy production: Co generation reduces emissions. And waste-to-energy supplies clean power. Because innovative solutions are the key to combating climate change.

Success factor # 2: Green energy.

We are bringing one form of clean, sustainably produced energy from Industriepark Höchst to private households: biomethane. But instead of resting on our laurels, our Biomass Task Force is constantly exploring new approaches to sustainable heat and power production.

Success factor # 3: Zero-emissions mobility.

We may not know what tomorrow's cars will look like, but one thing is clear: They will produce no emissions. At Industriepark Höchst, you find Hesse's first public hydrogen filling station. That means these cars are green, quiet and fun to drive.