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All the processes in your company are carefully coordinated with each other and form a complex web of interlocking processes. It’s wonderful when everything runs like clockwork!

However, areas not directly related to sales, production and administration often get short shrift. Important tasks such as health, safety and environmental protection are frequently done by employees “on the side”.

It is difficult for staff to give equal attention to all the challenges facing the company. It costs valuable time to acquire and constantly maintain the expertise that a compliance officer requires.

Have you ever considered that external compliance officers can significantly reduce your staff’s workload while drastically increasing their safety?

Infraserv can show you how external compliance officers can lighten your company’s workload and keep your business running properly:

Remember, health, safety, the environment and sustainability are becoming increasingly important for your company. Strength in these areas will enhance your reputation in the market.

Seven questions to ask yourself as a player in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry:

  1. Do your in-house procedures truly conform to all current laws and regulations on sustainability, process safety and environmental protection?
  2. Are you always genuinely current on all new regulations and changes to the law?
  3. Do you know what areas are covered by all relevant laws, rules and regulations? Do you know how much they actually affect your company?
  4. Do your compliance officers regularly verify that technical rules are followed in day-to-day operations?
  5. Are process changes and plant modifications to fix deficiencies implemented and documented quickly and fully?
  6. Do you seize all cost-cutting opportunities in environmental and process safety processes?
  7. Do you know exactly how much time and money it will cost to satisfy the environmental and process safety requirements that apply to your company?

Companies often underestimate the cost and effort involved in environmental and process safety compliance!

There’s a solution to this problem: external experts with the requisite expertise and familiarity with all current and planned regulations. They can assess your plants and processes with a practiced eye and make valuable recommendations for optimization.

We are an ideal partner for companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Our compliance officers operate out of Industriepark Höchst and can provide their services nationwide at any time

Always up on the latest laws and technical regulations: How external specialists protect you from unseen pitfalls

Infraserv’s compliance officers have expertise that is both deep and wide:

  • They know all possible plant configurations from extensive hands-on experience, regardless of the manufacturer
  • They are familiar with older and current technologies
  • They stay current with active laws and regulations
  • They are experts in process management and optimization
  • They can readily tap into a pool of specialized experts for particularly complex issues

We can provide long-term support with regular evaluations, recommendations and implementation of optimization measures.

Legal certainty cuts more than just costs and downtime ...

As a company in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, you should always consider the laws and regulations governing your plants’ operations to minimize their environmental impact.

These legal bases are regularly changed by the EU, federal government or your local government – and the changes can dramatically affect your operations.

Companies often underestimate how complex the law is – and so their compliance with new regulations can be delayed or insufficient. And that can run up huge costs later on!

With Infraserv, you will always stay current in terms of:

  • Legal certainty
  • Environmental protection
  • Process and occupational safety

That means your production operations will always be environmentally friendly and compliant with the latest technical rules. You will not only save time and money but also improve your company’s image.

Securing valuable know-how in the long term ...

More and more baby boomers are retiring. It is hard to fill the resulting vacuum with similarly experienced, highly skilled younger staff.

Much internal expertise is lost as one generation takes over from another.

It is far from easy to find qualified compliance officers for your company. Not to mention the cost of developing and maintaining these specialists’ knowledge base.

In many cases, it is more effective and economical to bring in external experts to skillfully manage your waste, immissions, hazardous incidents and water pollution control.

Stay focused on your core competencies ...

Infraserv helps companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry concentrate on their core business. When you need water pollution control, immission control, waste management and hazardous incident officers, appoint external experts with deep and broad experience and knowledge.

  • Capitalize on Infraserv’s interdisciplinary expertise: All Infraserv compliance officers have the necessary expertise and can draw on the extensive knowledge of around 120 specialists in different aspects of law, technology and process management
  • Infraserv is familiar with plant configurations across all manufacturers. It can thus quickly fix any defects that it identifies at a manageable cost
  • Free up your in-house specialists. Leave regular inspections of your plants to recognized experts to ensure proper production
  • Enjoy the cost savings
  • Design and execute process optimization measures with experienced experts who think “outside the box”

How can you benefit from Infraserv’s compliance officers?

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