Securing locations and jobs

Industriepark Höchst, one of the most important chemical and pharmaceutical sites in Europe, plays a key role in Germany's economy and technological development. Ensuring the site's future viability and job security is crucial to the region's economic stability and the well-being of its employees.

Continuous investment in research and development and the introduction of innovative technologies play a key role. These measures enable companies to strengthen their market position and generate long-term growth, which creates stable and sustainable jobs. Industriepark Höchst offers an ideal infrastructure and a suitable platform for implementing innovation projects.

Employee qualifications are another key factor. Infraserv Höchst and the companies located here place great value on continuous employee training and development. Targeted training and continuing education programs help employees expand their skills and adapt to new technological developments. This increases their employability and ensures that the companies in the industrial park have a well-trained workforce.