Celanese plastics production facility

Celanese, a world-leading manufacturer of plastics, decided in mid-2011 to relocate a polyoxymethylene (POM) production plant to Industriepark Höchst in connection with the Frankfurt Airport expansion. Industriepark Höchst offered the best location nationwide for the POM facility, and Infraserv Höchst had developed a cost-effective, well-engineered infrastructure development solution. The world’s largest polyoxymethylene (POM) plant was rebuilt at Industriepark Höchst. The commissioning brought this unique, once-in-a-century project to a successful conclusion.


Production plant
Industriepark Höchst
Facts and figures
Relocation of the world’s largest production plant for polyoxymethylene, capacity: approx. 140,000 t per year, area: 12.2 ha
Our services
  • Infrastructure development by equipping the site with roads, utilities, pipelines, sewers and IT lines
  • Full range of temporary utilities and waste services, including medical care and occupational health and safety
  • Security package

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